The horsemanship arose in July 1973 by an idea of Amalfo Amalfitano, when the horsemanship activity was “new”, at least in Maremma, where horses were used by few people only to work or for “elitist” sports; whose secrets were jealousy kept by those, who owned at least one specimen.
Il Barbazzale arose exactly with the goal of moving everyone near to the charming world of horses, by making walks and excursions through woods, along the marshes of the oasis of lagoon of Orbetello and along those countries, which were once dominion of the legendary brigands and cowboys of Maremma. Amalfitano’s family since 1900 has always bred horses and after one century the passion has not yet vanished.
The horsemanship has nowadays more than 40 horses, mostly of breed o Maremma, for excursions, riding-school and breeding activities.


Pony for children


Selection breeding

Horses pension

Stud farm

B&B overnight stay in apartments or rooms

In our Farm there is also the possibility of accommodating private horses, for a short period too, in boxes with paddock, by offering the use of riding-ground, yard with obstacles with or without the trainer and the possibility of making walks with our guides.



Horsemanship il Barbazzale
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